pressed out.
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17. July 2014

through the east window; dust like pitch, viscous sunlight—brackish, river’s flavor congealing in your dense air. Heart-like corner mouth crease styles the morning, in reflexive humor. I know the look. Slipping over skin daily calibrating “clean,” my pale wrist counts seconds to exposure, turning over to pull me up. Trapped sweat stretches and snaps, bitching of cold and isolation while I snarl from the cheek at steam bath shackling.

18. June 2014

this is how i want the world to end.
the spinning hearts of words that style the phosphor-pocked eyeglasses,
reverberating (tracers), smiling in desire that isn’t desire
and the dimension restored from

this is how i want the world to end.
fire stalls, collects its senses, proceeds in fiber
crystallized, hangs in the spacing we set
for the sly path restored in

this is how i want the world to end.
rushing glass, rubbing the skin, warming the lining of shivering
quaking in threads of vital agitation;
the deject restored to

this is how i want the world to end.
just awesome enough, 
just grateful enough, 
just weary enough,
just resting, just enough

27. May 2014

contriving a fetish for rigorous continuity;
means of escaping impossibility: irretrievable contradiction, 
exposed by fabric interrupted by incandescent grommets 
threaded with paracord, fastening boots, 
stepping on illusion brashly declaring itself  
the sounding needle’s point.

you startled at your own reflection
stretched across a cloud of dust
and dark, the jaw that sputtered brazen
barbs, mouth guarded, chest spotted,
nose flaring like a lens.

collapsing, and burning, and
breezes sweeping into
piles, ashes conspiring to
expand until—new face
congealing, taut-skinned
soaking light, its only
provision, meets a singular

tipping the scales in favor of— 
smile like snow: lean, bitter; 

Stinging sensation in style of lime.